Thursday, December 31, 2009

Imp Electric Fan

The shaft driven fan on the Red Imp just wasn't moving as much air as I liked.  The advantage of the electric fan is that it moves just as much air at idle as it does when you are going down the road.  So if the car overheats, you can be assured that pulling over to cool down will actually cool adequately without MORE overheating.

Here's what I did.  I removed the stock fan and shroud along with the rubber.  I got an electric fan off an old Toyota in the junkyard.  I can't remember which model or year (sorry).  It was the same diameter as the Imp fan shroud.  I just created three clips to attach the two together.  It runs off the generator output.  This way the fan only comes on once the engine starts and doesn't steal any amps away from the starter.

Its not pretty but it works.  The air flow is from the engine compartment towards the front and under the car.

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