Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sunbeam S7 - Wheel Bearing Grease Seals

The Sunbeam S7 Deluxe originally used Angus 182 leather grease seals on the wheel bearings.  While surprisingly long-lived (12,000 some odd miles and 66 years of service) everything is prone to  eventual failure.  This weekend while taking a leisurely trip to visit J&B Moto Company, the rear grease seal lost structural integrity.  Grease was all over the rear wheel and caked into the mud guard.

A quick look for a replacement yielded a modern equivalent.  A Precision 476838 Seal was a perfect fit.  It is a double lip seal and should yield adequate protection.  I doubt they will last over 60 years though.

The old seal is easily pushed out with two sockets of appropriate size.  The new seal is pushed just as easily with one socket.  If the seal becomes cocked in the hole it is very difficult to push.  I chose to use my drill press as a light-duty press for this job since it is easy to line up for a perfectly even press job.  (drill motor off of course)

Remember the castle nut of the seal assembly is LEFT-handed, just like the axle.

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