Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Project Bantam" - Orange

All the de-rusting, blasting, bodyfiller, and sanding has culminated in this weekend of painting.  A six-pack of Kubota Orange tractor/implement paint has transformed the pile of tractor parts.  Only the hood has too many imperfections for my liking.  It will have to be sanded down again and re-sprayed.  They body looks good enough, as do the grill and fenders.

The basketball hoop in the driveway served as a great location to paint the body.

The only part which hasn't been painted now, is the engine.  I still need to come up with a plan for the exhaust and muffler.

The front wheel assembly went back together easily. The new design for the wheel bearings should be much more reliable.  I can't wait to mount the rear wheels and pillowblock bearings I bought to replace the rear axle bushings (which looked rather sorry and worn).

For now the paint must dry and I can drink a beer with a sense of accomplishment.  After getting everything painted, I'll need to purchase a set of new fasteners.  Tractor Supply sells fasteners by weight, so I'll have to compile a shopping list soon.

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