Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Project Bantam" - I was rebuilding a tractor wasn't I?

There have been delays in the progress.  I had to use someone else's sand blaster to strip the frame, since my compressor couldn't muster the pressure needed.  It all turned out rather well.  I had to fix some structural items and prime it immediately to prevent surface rust.  It turned out rather well, but still needs some more structural work before continuing the body work.

Just to remember how bad it was, it sat under this tree for YEARS.

The structural welding is done, and the body work is complete.

The next step is to start applying the final paint coats.  I'm going with the Kubota color in enamel.  Its not as pleasing to me as the Allis Chalmers orange, but the Kubota color is closer to the original as far as I can see.  Reassembly of the body is just around the corner.

In other news, the front tire went on the rim easily.  I also had to re-design the front wheel bearings.  I used sealed bearings in the center, a set of spacers, and some flanged bearings on the outside with another set of spacers.  To keep the spacers from falling out, the whole assembly will need to be arranged with a dummy-shaft, and then the axle bolt inserted once placed in the steering yolk.

(Poor little guy just woke up from his nap)

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