Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunbeam S7 clutch cable

KYL95 needed a new clutch cable. The original was beginning to fray around the upper ferrule. (I've been stranded with a snapped clutch cable and its not worth the risk.)
I obtained a Venhill universal cable kit.  It came with the following parts and a nice set of directions on how to make up the cable properly. Many of the pieces I didn't plan to use, but everything was there.
Stripping the original cable off showed the poor condition of both the sheath and cable. I was mainly concerned with the fraying, but the bends in the cable were making more slop than needed in the adjustment.
The new sheath was cut to length, and routed with the end cap that came with the kit fitted to the clutch lever.  The ferrule was slid up tight and pulled tightly by hand with the adjustment fully retracted.  The cable was then kinked to one side indicating the correct length. I then manually made a birdcage shape at the end and soldered the ferrule in place.
The cable is now straight and pulls much easier through the nylon-lined sheath.

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