Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Project Bantam" - slow work in the cold weather

There's been limited progress the last few weeks.  The weather has been cold, so parts passing through the electrolysis tank haven't had the opportunity to be cleaned outside as quickly as I would like.  The workshop is nice and clean, but I need to take the parts outside to wash them, and there has been snow.

The seat and spring came out rust free and have a nice coat of black paint.  They will require new bolts and some washers since I cut the originals off with the angle grinder.  The mounting bolt to the body that snapped off still needs drilled out and re-tapped.
The tin-worm ate the fan shroud rather severely.  It will require some intensive reconstructive surgery.  More on this later.

I just set the carburetor aside for attention at a later time.

Removing the flywheel is providing a bit of a challenge.  The 1-1/4" nut came of relatively easily.  The flywheel was blocked up and I simply hit the 3/4" ratchet handle with a big mallet, and the nut came loose.  Pulling the flywheel is another story.  Its really stuck.  PB Blaster and some patience will be required on this one.  The flywheel is cast iron and I can't afford to damage it.  Another larger puller may be required.

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