Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheap Rubber Parts

Grrrr.  Why after only 5 years or so must I replace the fork gaitor rubbers?  There's original rubber on the bike that's still holding up.  Cheap new stuff.  The new foot rest rubbers didn't even last 2 years.  I put the original foot rest rubbers back on.  Nothing against the vendor I got the stuff from, its just that this new rubber isn't the same as the original stuff.  The rubber foot rests on the S7 are like new after 50 years!!!  These gaitors didn't even last 5.  You can see where I tried to hold it together with glue until I could get them replaced.

I hope the new ones last a bit longer.

The operation of doing this work oneself is a bit tricky.  First position the ATV lift.  Then find out that the ATV lift doesn't really line up with the center of gravity of the bike.  The side stand is in the way.  Then use boards to lift AROUND the sidestand.  Strap it to the lift so it doesn't tip.  Put a trolley jack under the rear wheel, since when the front wheel comes off, the center of gravity will shift significantly rearward.  Then for extra insurance rope it to the ceiling rafters to prevent tipping when wrestling with the forks, and tightening the bolts.

Clutch cable fixed, oil changed, ready to go back on the road.  Wow, the old girl is photogenic.... doesn't look that good in real life.

I just might bend the snot out of the center stand arm, so it will clear my shorty exhaust mufflers.  Its a pain putting it back on all the time for service work.  Its much easier when its permanently attached.

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