Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clutch Cable SNAPS

What do you do when your clutch cable pulls out of the end crimp, and you are 200 miles from home?  You bodge it.  On close inspection the crimp end just pulled out of its solder.  The wire itself wasn't bent over in the channel provided to give extra strength.

Luckily the cable was long enough to tolerate some of the sheath being cut off.  This was harder than it looked, since the outer casing is made of really hard spring steel.  We broke a pair of dikes cutting it.  I then took the extra-long exposed cable and lashed it to the handle.  Vice grips were used to hold it in place, while a hose clamp was applied as extra protection.  The travel was compromised so the clutch dragged a lot, but enabled me to catch it in gear and get going when stopped.  It held the whole way home.

It was easy as long as I didn't have to stop.  Traffic was a problem, but not insurmountable.  Once I got the procedure down, I was able to push myself and catch it in first.

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