Thursday, June 17, 2010

Deluxe on the first big trip

Here you go, photographic evidence that KYL95 runs well enough to actually transport me somewhere.  I took it into work, where a curious crowd soon surrounded it.

I discovered that the oil leak from the head isn't really that bad.  The brakes work great.  And there are no insurmountable issues with a hot restart.

The concerns that this trip generated are only a few.
  • First, at about 45mph on gradual deceleration downhill, the front suspension goes into an oscillation.  The symptom is very repeatable.  I'm not sure if this is a damping problem with the forks, or if my front wheel is slightly out of balance.  Re-balancing the front wheel will be the first treatment.
  • Secondly, the clutch needs adjusted slightly when warm to insure proper disengagement.  The gearbox got slightly "clunky" when it was hot, which tells me that there was a little bit of drag and the shifts weren't happening cleanly.

Overall the trip was a complete success.  Everyone was intrigued by KYL95 and it performed like the engineering marvel it was built to be.

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