Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tax Disc Replica

I had the urge to put a replica tax disc in the holder for my De Luxe.  There was a comical note in there when I got it written crudely on the back of a cardboard box lid.  It read "Tax in Post".  I'll just leave that note in there to be re-discovered later.

There are folks who make and sell nostalgia replica tax discs, but when have I ever spent money so frivolously?  Especially when its something I can do myself.

Can any of you anoraks tell that the design isn't quite right for 1950?

Print it out (on your choice of aged printing material) around 3" in height and it should fit reasonably well.  Cut along the dotted lines.  My rubber grommet for the glass has seen better days.  So I used an old piston ring to make sure it stays in place.

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