Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guzzi California passenger comfort (part 1)

My wife has complained that the California is uncomfortable and she'd much rather ride on the XS650 as a passenger.  This cannot be!  That's the reason I bought the Guzzi so I could carry both of us in comfort and finally remove that hideous XS750 sissybar from the 650.

The two issues are foot position and seat comfort.  This fix should solve the issue of foot position.  With her riding boots comfortably positioned with the heal against the peg, her toe interferes with my heal.  So, she rides with her toe on the peg with significant discomfort over longer distances  (great for the calf muscle workout however).  So, I saw this article describing the use of stirrup pegs on the rear.  It looks like just the thing.  It gives her heal somewhere to rest and keeps the pipes from receiving melted boot rubber from the heal.  The pegs are Küryakyn Model 8075.  Many thanks to Marina for this accessory tip.

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