Monday, October 5, 2009

Stable Mates

Its getting a bit crowded in the Imp barn.  I've got two Imps, the bike, a pushmower, and the riding lawnmower all in the basement garage.  The close proximity did cause a bit of a problem during the rebuild of the S7.  I tipped the frame off balance and it nearly hit the red car.  After that I rigged up a rope to the ceiling and kept the bike frame securely tied.  The trick with this arrangement is getting the thing that you want to drive out when its in the back.

 We didn't get many miles on Eduardo this year.  The farthest we went was to Gettysburg for the car show they hold at the outlet shops.  It is an awesome show.  The ladies are content to browse the shops while the guys can admire all the classic cars and bikes.

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