Friday, September 4, 2009

Started on 3rd kick

It was glorious!!!

I simply checked the spark, squirted some extra oil on the camshaft, and put fuel in.  It started on the 3rd kick.

KYL95 is looking good here shining in the fluorescent glow of my workshop.

Now the remaining issues...  The oil light doesn't go out.  So, I checked that with a gauge... a gauge that was too small.  It produces over 10 psi and pegged the gauge, so I'm good there.  Must be the switch, although it checked good last time I checked it a year ago.  Maybe the contacts are stuck?

I'd like to put a T in the line and monitor the oil pressure with a permanent gauge.  Anyone know what kind of thread that is?  Or should I go back to Stewart Engineering and get the adapter and a modern oil switch?

Second issue.  The charge indicator stays on, which indicates more trouble.  I'll try checking the case ground and then tickling the field coil again and see if that does anything.  I recall having an earthing issue on the dynamo casing when I first started working on the bike back in October.  There is the chance that the voltage regulator isn't working right, but that will take some time to debug.

Overall I'm very happy.  It starts amazing easily.  I didn't let it warm up properly enough to turn off the strangler.  That will be the real test, because before it popped and chugged and carried on like crazy before with the old loose & leaky throttle slide.  This new throttle slide is a little on the tight side... The return spring BEARLY overcomes the friction to close the throttle.


  1. The dynamo output is showing that its just keeping up with the ignition load. I haven't even turned the lights on yet. I don't really trust the onboard ammeter, so I'll have to hook up my digital and get a confirmation of what direction the current flow is in. As long as its keeping up and the battery is getting charged there shouldn't be an issue.

    My wife nearly got an oil bath this am holding another gauge against the switch port. So oil flow is present. Still not sure about the pressure since this second gauge I was using wasn't accurate enough to tell.

    The engine is still running lean even with the new carb throttle slide. Starts great cold with strangler. Then warms up, take the strangler off and its spits and sputters just like it did before. I've fiddled with the mixture screw, but it doesn't seem to affect anything. I'll pull the carb from the manifold and see if there's any chance of getting any air leaking past. I don't think there is, but I'll try to grease it up and see if that helps. More later.

  2. The carb is still acting up. It runs lean and spits back through the carb. It acts like the idle mixture adjuster is completely blocked, or another passageway is blocked. However, I've discovered that the carb fitted is not the normal one... model 276I3/R2. I know I don't have an R2 float chamber. The model number is supposed to be 276D0/3A. I've got more carb specs to check out.

    The carb should have the following...
    30T jet block, 150 main jet, .107 needle jet, 6 needle, and 15/16" bore.