Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oil Pressure Gauge

I decided that the oil switch (however reliable on the bench) is not sufficient for determining what's going on with the oil pressure.  Thanks to Tiger Tom, we made an adapter out of a 1/8" Tee and cut off drilled 7/16" bolt.  The switch now hangs under the spark cover, and the spark cover has been moved outward by 1/2"... this accommodates the 3/16" copper line that runs to a pressure gauge out of a Sunbeam Alpine  (So generously donated by Tiger Tom).  I should just be able to glance down between my leg and the seat to see the gauge.

I'll allow the Permatex "Right Stuff" used to seal the adapter to the block to set up for a day or so.  Then fire it up and see what the oil pressure is.


  1. I obtained 35psi oil pressure at a lumpy strangled idle. I'd call that alright? Any comments? Should it be more? I think its running on the bypass since it doesn't increase when I rev the engine gently. The oil pressure switch light is miraculously working now. The charging circuit is on the fritz again.

    Now to work on the carb...

  2. Still doesn't run without choke. It spits and coughs with the choke off. Timing seems to be right, no adjustment on the idle mix screw seems to make any difference. I cleaned the carb again looking for a blocked passageway, and skimmed the mounting flange to insure its flatness.

    I did notice that the part number stamped on the carb is not what I expected. I expected 276D03A, but it reads 276I3R2. Could this be the problem?