Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clutch and push rod

Since I don't have any copper washers in my workshop to fit the sump pan, I started working on the clutch.

The thrower seems to work good, so I put the flywheel back on.  The clutch lining was full of oil and grease, so I tried to wash that out as best I could with brake cleaner.

The big project was creating the new push rod.  My workmate Mike had already made the pushrod receiver that I tack welded to the square hole in the pressure plate.   I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to come out and get jammed in the shaft somehow, hence the tack weld.  It shouldn't, but I didn't want to chance it, and I didn't want it to start turning either, since the shaft into the pressure plate is round instead of square.

I took Wilhelm's full length measurement (225mm) from the surface of the pressure plate to the end of the rod and cut the 1/4" drill rod that had bought to fit.  I squared up the ends in the lathe, gave them a slight chamfer and then polished them up to a high shine.  Drill rod (aka silver steel) is fairly hard so that took a while.  I test fit it in the gearbox and it looks right.  I can drop the rod in after the gearbox is mated to the engine.

I decieded against a ball bearing at the clutch end for now.  I can always cut the drill rod more and fit the ball bearing later if I think its not working right.

The next fun part will be to compress the clutch springs enough to put the nuts on.  I guess a few clamps around the flywheel and pressure plate may do the trick?

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