Monday, July 20, 2009

Red Inner Tube

When is the last time you saw a red inner tube?  That's gotta be an old one.  Its only got two patches on it but holds air.  It came out of the front wheel.

The rims look pretty good.  They'll need scraped down and the surface rust removed, then given a shot of paint.  I can't see putting them back together without.  The rear rim is worse than the front, not sure if that is lack of cleaning in the past, or heavy braking on the rear.  The DURO tires came in last week (by recommendation of my brother who runs them on his Ural), they look pretty good.  They're nice and FAT-looking.  I got them at a good price from Tires Unlimited

I'm being tempted to paint more and more things.  The center stand is next on the list.  Its nearly devoid of paint and really needs to be protected.  I want it to be original, but I also have an urge to make it "pristine" rather than the "patina" I originally planned on.  I know once the painting starts, its hard to stop until everything is repainted or re-chromed.  Somebody stop me!

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