Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oil Slinger - first attempt

Since I don't have the original oil slinger, I had to come up with a reasonable replacement.  I tried spin-forming some aluminum flashing, but that didn't work right.  I just don't have the right tools.

I might as well start with something that already exists with the approximate shape.  So, I fished through the recycle bin and pulled out a tin can from cat food.  It was the right size and shape, but I just needed to cut a nice hole in the center.  the air nibbler worked well for this task.  I had to re-enforce the shape of the bottom of the can with a bit of welding wire, which I crimped the can around the outer edge.  It's ugly, but it seems to work and doesn't hit the sides or the seal housing.  I certainly don't want it to get caught in the halftime gear and get shredded.

Incidentally, the timing cover is a little bent.  I tried to straighten it as much as I dared.  I'm not good with sheetmetal, but I didn't want to make it any worse than it already was.  The last thing I want is to warp it and cause it to leak.

I'm considering trying to create a second attempt, using some stainless sheetmetal.  It will be more rigid, but harder to work with.  Its hard to get a cone-shape out of the metal without it kinking on me.  It can't be completely flat or it will risk getting caught in the halftime gear.

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  1. That slinger looks rather complicated with the rolled edges and surface. Slick! TT