Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valve Timing

The chain tensioner was easy to remove.  I simply put a wrench on it, and screwed it out.  It will need new gaskets before re-assembly.

I carefully took the distributor off and laid it aside with the rest of the parts in a safe place.  I noted that the modern bolt was on the left side.  The drive pin goes UP into the hole in the crank.  Need to check the slop in that connection...  there seems to be a bit of wear, which concerns me.

I was trying to figure out the valve timing last night.  None of the marks on the crank lined up.  However, the crank did line up in the correct position with the camshaft.  It was hard to tell if it was one tooth off or not.  The next step is to get the camshaft pulley off.  Once that is off, the chain should drop down and the timing gear should pull out.  The bolt seems a bit tight and I can't hold it still to get it loose.

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